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THE ASHRAM as of now is a  work in development and the product of what we believe is the LORD prompting volunteers to preserve  the memory of the legacy of our beloved Sadhu Sundar Singh at his birthplace in Rampur, Ludhiana India, until such time as  He returns.   It is located a very short walking distance from his childhood home.   NO DONATIONS are solicited explicitly or tacitly for the running of the Ashram.   This is purely a volunteer initiated and maintained faith ministry.

The Ashram  is not meant to be a Shrine to Sadhu Sundar Singh.  We do not seek to venerate Sadhu Sundar Singh or any of the other notable saints to whom attention may be drawn at the Ashram.   We simply seek to study the lives of notable evangelicals  and be imitators of their dedicated lives in the service of GOD alone.

This is not a Shrine — But a memory of a life well lived “to provoke us to love the LORD JESUS with a single heart as Sadhu Sundar Singh and Others did” (Heb 10:24, Romans 11:11).  This is not a Shrine, but rather a work promoted in keeping with the spirit of Phillipians 3:17, Heb 13:7, James 5:10 (Please read).

THE ASHRAM is essentially a House of Prayer and a Place for Communion with our LORD. We hope that ALL  who participate in its life may experience Life Abundant sent forth from the Master Himself. We hope that it will please the Master to see lives dedicated to HIS service while under its roof. 

THE ASHRAM also endevors to develop  a resource center where disciplined study and research may be conducted into the Legacy of several Indian evangelists,  including Pandita Ramabhai, Eli Stanly Jones, Bhaktt Singh,  Narayan Waman Tilak,  William Carey and not the least Sadhu Sundar Singh.

All that Sadhu Sundar Singh would desire of us is that we follow his LORD and Savior.  He would say in the words of John the Baptist,




I have decided to follow JESUS…..Sadhu Sundar Singh

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