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Jesus The Way, The Truth, and The Life, Sadhu Sundar Singh Legacy Ashram is primarily A House Of Prayer  and is fully funded and run by volunteer disciples of the LORD who have an on going commitment to its vision and see the importance of keeping the legacy of Sadhu Sundar Singh alive till the LORD returns.

The volunteers who maintain the Ashram regard the presence of visitors, pilgrims and disciples of our LORD a blessing and an honor. The services the Ashram is able to provide is provided at no cost to its guests.

We hope you will be blessed by your visit.

THE ASHRAM’s  goal is to provide an atmosphere of prayer.  Among other things we endeavor to provide is study material  on the life of great mainly Indian evangelists  such as Pandita Ramabhai,  Narayan Viman Tilak,  Bhakt Singh,  William Carey, E. Stanley Jones  and not the least Sadhu Sundar Singh.  The intention  of the Ashram is that we the Lord’s disciples be provoked to imitate the testimony of lives well lived for our LORD.


Active Volunteers

Working Committee

Potential Volunteers

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Shanta Kaur Prabha Sharon
Prabha Sharon Deepak Ratnakula
Deepak Ratnakula Abhishekh Singh
Abhishekh Singh Manuel de Jesus