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JESUS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, SADHU SUNDAR SINGH LEGACY ASHRAM is a work in development and the product of the Lord raising VOLUNTEERS to preserve the memory of the legacy of our beloved Sadhu Sundar Singh at his birthplace in Rampur, Ludhiana India, until such time as the LORD Himself returns.

NO DONATIONS are solicited explicitly or tacitly for the upkeep of the Ashram. The volunteers who the LORD has called to this endeavor believe that HE who called will also provide without any human implicit or explicit cohersion.

We hope you will be blessed by your visit even as Sadhu Sundar Singh like his Master sought to be a blessing to all.

Our Volunteers Below Are Always Available To Answer Questions




Abhishek +91 99582 83872
Deepak Ratnakula +91 84860 30823
Prabha Sharon +91 99536 79823
Shanta Kaur +91 94351 32172